Ready or not

by Jenny, 11:23am

The past 11 months of searching, scouring, finding, then talking our way deep into negotiations with prospective spaces and formulating big plans only to have something go awry and be left with nothing, is just a foggy memory now.  We have seen more lease agreements and contractor bids than I care to recount, and managed to rack up  over 10 versions of our business plan.  Here are some of the spaces we considered in all seriousness.

Then, in some serendipitous way when all of us were least expecting it, when we were all feeling pretty downtrodden and on the brink of questioning whether or not we were just building castles in the air, we  found it.  The space that will house our dreams, hopes, and ambitions that for so long was just a concept begging to come alive.

Space #14 ..... Ours

It’s finally happened and it’s happening fast.  Let the madness begin, we’re ready.

We are opening a restaurant.



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4 responses to “Ready or not

  1. foodiekygrl

    I’m so glad you guys found the “ruxbin” space! it looks cozy and inviting. I can’t wait to see what you do with the upstairs portion – I actually love how there’s 2 parts to the restaurant..very unique! 🙂

  2. Christinelovestoeat

    Aw, i love love love the name Ruxbin. I can’t wait to see this restaurant unfold!!!! The space looks very cozy yet modern, when can we see a menu? Let me know if you need a tester, cause i’m in!

    • hey christine! we have one mondo menu that we’re trying to edit down right now. maybe eddy can send you the latest and greatest. 🙂 we could sure use some testers to help us decide what stays and goes! 😀

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