EX MALO BONUM… the good from evil.

by Vicki, 4:17pm

You like this space ? <cue horror music>

how dreamy.

Character?  Ha!  There’s only so much you can do with an ugly betty.

Or can you…  she does have potential, and she is architecturally interesting, and with minor cosmetic changes, okay more along the lines of “extreme makeover” changes… fine, sign the papers before i change my mind and lets move

~ FADE IN: The Present ~

Like i said, EX MALO BONUM, Latin for “the good from evil”. This is our space and with Mozart, aka our designer extraordinaire Davide [Dah-vie-day-he’s-Italian] Nanni at the helm, we are in the best hands possible. Taking the good from evil is his mantra, and if he were to apply that philosophy to anywhere, this (see above) is headquarters.

Astounded by his steampunk masterpiece  in the S1 showroom, we were in the right place, at the right time, asking the right questions when we ran into Davide.  I liken his skills to that of Mozart – brilliant, ahead of his time. His design aesthetic, the emphasis of functionality and ergonomics built-in to each of his one-of-a-kind pieces, the genuine passion to take from the old (100% salvaged materials) and re-engineer them into beautifully handcrafted pieces to strike the perfect flow within a room, a true artist. An artist that will take your flat, facet-less ideas and bring them to multi-dimensional flight. His designs are crazy. Crazy awesome. Seriously, you either have to be under the influence of some fantastical Alice-In-Wonderland-like drug or blessed with immense talent to come up with the stuff he does. In this case, he’s immensely blessed, and we know we are lucky to have him on our team.

I can go on, but let’s just say, our initial meeting with Mozart was followed by an immediate celebration with a Filbert’s in hand.

Design prototypes to come!



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5 responses to “EX MALO BONUM… the good from evil.

  1. foodiekygrl

    wow. i want to meet this mozart person. I think it’s rare to meet people nowadays who are TRUE artists. that IS crazy awesome!

  2. Christina

    I can’t wait to see this place!! 🙂

  3. Monica

    i can’t wait to see how the place looks when it’s finished! i can only imagine the unique, cozy place that you put together 🙂

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