Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish

by Ed, 1:35pm

Trying to get Ruxbin open has been a daunting task and one of the hardest parts is trying to figure out where to scrimp and hold our pennies.  Every little additional piece adds-up and while saying no to an extra $10-20 may invoke images of Ebenezer Scrooge, when you add it all up, and multiply it by however many seats you need to cover,  you might find yourself in a hole several thousand deep. Unfortunately we’re dealing with a budget that’s forever contracting until we open, and I find myself pinching those valuable pennies.

Bravely typing away in Sub-freezing Conditions

So in an attempt to save, I had the genius idea to turn the heat off in the space. We knew that for the next few days we wouldn’t have anybody working in there, so why should we pay for the gas? And if I needed to be in the space, I could deal with a little cold, man-up, and take one for the team.

I was feeling a bit cavalier in my new-found frugalness when I had my mom come into the restaurant later that day. First thing mom asks when she gets in the space, and with a concerned look is, “Why is it so cold?”  I answer her and give her my reasoning,  the whole time expecting that glimmer of pride that mom’s get when they realize they haven’t raised a spend-drift son. Instead, I got one of those other  looks that only a mom is capable of. The look that’s accompanied by a roll-of-the-eyes and says, “I can’t believe I gave birth to such a moron.”  Of course, her words were kinder, and she explained to me slowly, so that I could understand, that by turning off the heat the pipes could freeze in this sub-arctic weather, and if that happened we’d be dealing with a lot more than a gas bill.

Thank goodness for moms, and the heat is back on. I’m keeping it at a frugal 50-F when we know no-ones going to be here for a couple days, a temp that would still make Tiny Tim wish for an extra blankie.

P.S. Oh Yeah, regarding that pic of me up there, to answer your question: No, the Wi-fi hasn’t been installed yet, and yes that’s my special internet hot-spot.



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3 responses to “Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish

  1. Vicki

    Hahaha, poor tiny tim.

  2. kkang

    So … thaaat’s where you get the wi-fi! (What if someone pranked you one day & moved the chair an inch?! Hmmm…)

    Btw, Vicki, I must say — I love the pic you’ve chosen for this blog 😉

    • Ed

      Vicki tried to hand me my computer a couple feet away so that I could check my email, and we lost our connection =(…but we got it back when I sat back in my special spot again =)

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