A little Green & White

by Ed, 2:47pm

As I write this its about 19-F outside, and I find myself listening more and more to the Very Best’s Warm Heart of Africa the colder it gets. The Afro-pop is a nice salve after having to deal with a morning that involved scraping ice from the windshield with a credit card and digging the car out of the snow with a pair of mis-matched gloves. There’s something incredibly satisfying and twisted , about  listening to warm global beats while being able to see the steam of my breath as I zip by on the highway.

I’m at home in the ‘burbs now, taking a quick break from the restaurant space on strict orders from Vicki and Jen to stay away for a couple days and work on a few recipes. This is the fun part, the part where we take the conceptual ideas we have,  and I attempt to make them functional and tasty.  So the first thing I decided to work on was something with a bit of green to brighten up the day:

Complimentray Colors

Those are some tasty tomatillos from the local Super Mercado, with a few red onions and a couple garlic cloves to keep them company so that they don’t get too lonely in the roasting pan.

So after they roast I blend them up to create a nice bright sauce, and  now I’m trying to balance off the tang and sour. I’m thinking salty-sweet, so I grab a couple black plantains that are just north of going soft. I hit them with a little brown sugar so they get that nice stick on the grooves of your teeth feel, a hint of clove to give it some character, and a quick shallow bath of brown butter to soften the plantain starches.

To finish this I want something smooth and creamy. Cotija is too grainy and dry, and the fresh Mexican cheeses generally don’t have the kick I’m looking for, so I’m thinking a little out-of-the-box and reach for my trans-Atlantic friend queso Athenio (feta cheese). Here’s a pic from my phone, it dulled out the colors, and you can’t see it pop with the red and purple from the shallots, but I think you get the gist, and at least it gives me an excuse to show-off Charlie:

Charlie is more interested in the squirrels



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5 responses to “A little Green & White

  1. sunny

    i miss the food you and vick used to make for us here in cali…miss you both more of coures. remember the night you taught us how to spin the pizza dough?? fun times.
    this is such an exciting time for you guys! super busy im sure. will keep up w/ the blog!

    • Ed

      Thanks Sunny, you’re the first person to leave a comment on our blog! I miss you guys and I’m excited to see the new addition to the Kwok family in person, hopefully soon =)

  2. diana

    it’s CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  3. Christina

    Looks so delish!! Can’t wait to visit and try some!

  4. Justin

    looks good, I can’t wait!!!

    Charlie in frame makes this picture extra special.

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