Hello, my name is…

my face!

by Vicki, 2:42am

Best way to be prepared is, to be prepared. Yea, we still have a couple months til opening, but doesnt hurt one bit to stock the rolodex with industry contacts.

Luckily, i can smell out industry peeps pretty well. Just came back from the local watering hole where i was sitting at the bar and noticed the house cook go up to a guy who walked in solo and grabbed a stool next to us. Its past 1am (likely coming in straight after dinner service -cue#1), he walked in comfortably by himself (cue#2), they are talking like pals (cue#3), basic math tells me 1+2+3= this guy must be in the industry himself.  I was waiting for a moment to say hello and do some digging around when he swivels his stool towards me and my comrade and introduces himself. We get talking and sure enough he’s a cook who hails from the east coast, did some work at very reputable places, including one of my NYC faves (score!),  and can butcher snout to tail = he’s a speedy one in the kitchen. Speed in the kitchen is essential for survival during service rush, so im keeping this one in the front lines come recruiting season=)



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6 responses to “Hello, my name is…

  1. sunny

    girl, you are sharp!! as usual =)
    maybe brinton and ill train ck so you guys can recruit him later??? =) super excited for you guys!!

  2. Anthony L

    keep it up! Bob and I will be there for the grand opening!

  3. foodiekygrl

    Your basic math is spot on, lol. Gotta love the restaurant world!

  4. You guys are moving right along! That’s AWESOME! Can’t wait to feed Jayden your food!

  5. kkang

    Comrade….sounds mysterious! Well, now, welcome to the small (and, as we’ve discovered, gossipy) world of restaurant/foodservice industry!

  6. Love these serendipitous foodie moments. MORE TO COME, I’m sure…

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