Taking Shape

by Jenny, 11:01pm

The space is starting to resemble a real restaurant.  Among other things, the kitchen now has a shiny new prep table, a deep fryer for Eddy’s irresistible panisse, and two brand new burner ranges.

And in the dining room something magical is taking shape.  All the pieces that will fill this room and bring it to life have been coming together bit by bit in the imaginative workshop of Alter Ego.  Last night we got the first installment of our seats, light fixtures, and wall panels.  Having seen these pieces in various stages at the workshop, we’ve been astounded by the craftsmanship of Mozart’s crew before.  But here in the space and attuned to the surroundings, the pieces felt like a mound of treasure we were unearthing for the very first time.  We couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

apple juice shipping crates re-purposed into wall paneling.

light fixture doubles as art work and conversation piece.

custom built with pews salvaged from an old Baptist church.

the beginnings of our banquette strapped down with seatbelts taken from abandoned cars in a junkyard lot and the legs from old movie theater seats.

our booths showcase the old church pews and thrift shop leather jackets in a whole new way.

awaiting its first dinner guest.



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9 responses to “Taking Shape

  1. mb

    so exciting to see your vision coming together! it already looks so different than when i saw it a couple months back….i cant wait to see how the space turns out!

    • Vicki

      Ha! forgot that you viewed it in it’s original state. You are one of the few…and I’m glad you did, so you can see the transformation that’s taking place=)

  2. Pauline

    Looking good! I remember and used to go to Sonotheque….nostalgia.

  3. Jane

    How exciting to hear how things are coming along! Please continue to keep us posted!

  4. art in so many forms, coming to life in this space! it’s meant for greatness, yo!

  5. Christina

    The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. – Frank Lloyd Wright

    I can’t wait to see how this place turns out!

  6. iris

    !!! so awesome!

  7. I love the concept 🙂 Looks like you guys have been working hard!

  8. Nina

    Wow, I love all the found elements! I can’t wait to try the food. Your blog entries are a great read…the anticipation is building.

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