1st Meal

my face!

by Vicki, 12:51PM

While the kitchen is still getting set up, we were excited to test our burners, so we took a mini break and had a quick dinner with the S1 crew.   It was tasty:)

Braised Oxtail Ravioli with pan seared endive, carmelized porcini mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, and brunoised port poached pear.

I think i gobbled it up the second the plating was finished, so i didn’t get a pic of the end product, but you get the gist…burners are working:)



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4 responses to “1st Meal

  1. annpan

    i can’t believe it’s happening.
    your very own restaurant!

  2. tracy

    omg… that looks amazing!! can u pls fedex a serving to me pls? planning to be in chitown in july… will definitely have to stop by ruxbin 🙂

  3. iris

    wow, that ravioli looks amazing!

  4. Christina

    🙂 love it

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