Shot Clock

When spring arrives in Chicago, there’s something in the air that lifts and rejuvenates the benumbed and tired spirits in an uncanny sort of way.  Work at Ruxbin has been humming along in short order over the bleakest of winter days, with one grey day overlapping into the next.  But today marks a special occasion.  Not just because we can see (both literally and figuratively) the light at the end of the tunnel.  Today we’ve officially put in our application to the City for our business license.  Now it’s just a race to the finish, as we dot all the i’s and cross all our t’s.  And hopefully soon, we’ll be open and in full swing!

Our intern extraordinaire drafting our temporary window sign. Nate, you're a God-send!



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2 responses to “Shot Clock

  1. May

    Hi Jennybean and Eddy!

    I love the blog. Can’t wait for the grand opening!!

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