First Friday

Friday started out routine, until…

I walked out the door, grabbed the daily copy of Red Eye, and saw the cover mention: “Twist on bistro fare in Noble Square”. Eyes widened and super curious, I quickly flipped to the Dining section and a HUGE 1.5 page spread on ruxbin, with even our faces on it! We had no idea and were definitely not expecting that. Almost on cue, I start receiving emails and texts from friends saying they saw us in XYZ publications.

I meet the partners at ruxbin, give them the PR rundown and show them the spread. We all look at each other with surprise and trepidation. We’re excited, but a bit concerned as well. This is supposed to be our soft opening, yet there’s a PR blitz already! How to handle… well, we don’t know the ins and outs of the press world, but what we do know is that we have a restaurant to run and this is our First Friday, so time to get the A game on.

Prep, prep, prep and fast forward to 30 minutes before opening: Wild storm hits the city, gusts of 70mph winds, our utility pole comes crashing down on the neighbor’s building and electricity goes out. We look at eachother thinking “okay, salads tonight” and Ed makes a joke that perhaps this is God’s blessing of doing crowd control. Luckily, after playing around with the breakers, electricity is back up and running. We then attempted to call the utility company to inform them of the down pole, only to find that our phone line is out. So naturally, we get on the computer to send a repair request via email, only to find that our internet is down. Phone line down + internet down = credit card machines down! Uh oh. After all this prep, a storm comes and knocks down our utility pole, shoves broken trees into the street, and wipes out our communication to the outside world… what next? Leaking windows. As our diners braved through the storm and got seated and comfortable for their meal, our windows started to leak from the heavy sheets of rain. Ha. Sigh… fortunately, our diners were wonderful and understanding as we blotted our leaky windows.

the culprit

The day was comical to say the least, we were thrown so many curves that we just had to laugh, and we did. Thanks to our diners for braving the storm and our great staff, it was a successful night. Thankful for an eventful First Friday.



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2 responses to “First Friday

  1. Nina

    I think I squealed at work when I saw the spread in the paper. How exciting for you all!

  2. Lisa Choo

    Hey guys,
    Big big big congrats on opening! We’ve been looking forward to it. I wanna see more pics! That Friday opening was so crazy! Can’t believe all that happened. Hopefully we can come and visit some time.

    Good to see you at the wedding Vicki. Take care!


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