Grand Open: Project Soybean


By Vicki

July 1st, this coming Thursday, will be Ruxbin’s Grand Open! And what better way to open than to give to others.  So for our grand opening day, we are excited to be supporting the Nutrition & Education International Foundation with a full donation of profits, to help NEI’s mission to alleviate malnutrition through soybean cultivation.

Stats: “[In Afghanistan] one out of six women die during childbirth and one out of five children do not live to reach the age of five. Most of these deaths are due to a lack of protein in their diet”.

In a nutshell,  NEI teams with the Afghan government and farmers to grow protein-rich soybeans to provide the nation with the nutrition they need.

Harvesting Soybeans

At Ruxbin, we understand that we are fortunate to not only have bountiful access to nutrition-packed food, but also have the luxury to provide tasty meals.  The fact that others don’t even have access to a viable sustenance is what moves us to take action and support NEI. All profits for our Grand Opening will be going to NEI, and we encourage everybody who shows up to donate until it hurts =)

Nutrition & Education International

We hope to pack the house this Thursday.  See you there!

Here’s some additional information about NEI,  in case you’re interested:
We found out about NEI 2 years ago, through our friend in LA.  We were humbled and encouraged by the work that they do, and ever since, we’ve been actively following.   A little background:  Steven Kwon, founder of NEI, worked as a Nutritionist at Nestle USA for 22 years and until his retirement in 2008,  he used his evenings and weekends to promote the soy initiative. In 2003 he led seminars on health and nutrition in Afghanistan where he witnessed first-hand the severity of the nutritionally depleted Afghan diet, mainly due to a lack of protein.  After his trip in 2003, Kwon embarked on a mission to provide a practical way to alleviate malnutrition through enriching the diet with soybeans, a new crop for Afghanistan.  “Kwon lobbied government officials for permission to test the viability of soybean farming.  After a successful harvest in 2004, the experiment was expanded to 12 of the country’s 34 provinces, and the Afghan government adopted the soy initiative as a national project” –LA Times.

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  1. Christina

    🙂 I can’t believe you remembered! I hope tonight is a huge success!! See you soon

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