2 Weeks

Summer has been in full swing, producing delectable Michigan berries, sweet Illinois corn,  gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and bountiful produce galore.  But soon enough, the heat will simmer down, the seasons will change, and we will gladly welcome the cool fall.  Changing of the seasons is a thing of beauty, and lucky for us in Chicago, we get to experience all four. Along with airs of nostalgia from past memories, the fall will bring forth exciting crops from the new harvest, and naturally, Ruxbin will roll into the Autumn Menu.  We’d like to inform you that Ruxbin will be closed August 29 – September 5 as we work on the Autumn Menu which will be introduced in stages post Labor Day, starting September 7.   

Til then, soak in the sun and come on by for a last taste of summer.  There are still two weeks left! =)

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 5:30 – 10pm. Closed August 29-Sept 5.



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2 responses to “2 Weeks

  1. Pauline

    Can’t wait! Will be there for Fall flavors.

  2. Nina

    Four seasons really is a wonderful thing. I am looking forward to enjoying the next seasonal offering.

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