A picture book from the moment we enter the doors at Ruxbin to the very end of the night:

6:00am. Ed arrives
6:04am.  We start the six hour braise for the short ribs at the end of service around midnight.  That means its an extra early start the following morning.
10:00am.  Deliveries begin to arrive – meat, fish, bread, produce.
11:30am.  Kenny delivers the linens, always with a smile.
12:00pm.   Everyday, we put aside the piling tasks of the day for a moment to meet over a quick bite, pour some freshly steeped french press coffee and discuss the day’s urgencies, updates, concerns, and ideas. I truly think that it’s these meetings that have helped us stay grounded and keep a pulse on each other. It’s our think-tank time where we can regroup, bounce ideas, get advice, and simply have a time of exchange before we run back and tend to the demanding list of tasks at hand.
1:30pm. Cooks arrive
2:00pm.  Prep begins
2:00pm. Running errands throughout the afternoon, Home Depot typically makes the list
4:20pm.  Sprucing up the herbs
4:30pm.   Front of the house setup begins
5:00pm.  Family meal is served to the staff
5:30pm.  Doors open, service begins
7:00pm.  Rush begins
8:23pm.  Finishing touches at the pass
9:31pm. Tables start to wind down with dessert and coffee
10:45pm.  After service all stations are cleaned down
11:00pm.  Out of the dish and ready to put away for tomorrow
11:30pm.  Closing out the night
11:47pm.  After spending a long working day together, the Ruxbin crew becomes family.

Opening a restaurant is one thing… maintaining a restaurant requires a shift in gears. This is why we push.


*Special thanks to Roger for capturing our day.



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11 responses to “PUSH

  1. Hi guys, I really enjoyed these pics. What a lovely way to convey your daily Ruxbin lives!

  2. Bob

    this is an awesome post. love you guys!

  3. cremes

    Great! Thanks for the insight. As a patron it’s easy to forget about all the work that we don’t see.

  4. Patrick Sheerin

    Pleasure meeting you and the team at the Common Threads event. Your dish was delicious, can’t wait to come in and try the whole menu.

  5. Hungry Grace

    …what working with family looks like. ❤

  6. Karen

    This is what I’ve been wanting to see – your everyday routine. Especially love the group pic. Can’t wait to try all your yummy-looking food at the end of the month! 🙂

  7. Eric

    This is amazing. I wish more restaurateurs would allow this kind of intimate look into their business/personal lives. I haven’t been to Ruxbin yet but totally plan on going now.

  8. Christina

    Love you guys! Congrats on all the success with Ruxbin!!

  9. Great post though I have to say… I hardly recognized Ruxbin with the lights so bright!

  10. Jason Warth

    Really enjoyed these pics…

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