Nearly every dish we serve at Ruxbin has been developed over the course of several weeks in thoughtful layers to achieve a proper balance of flavor and texture without compromising the integrity of the ingredients.  But in opportune moments that come to us in the form of a quiet Sunday dinner service where the kitchen is alive and ready to build from the mise en place they have worked all afternoon to prepare, there is a flash of inspiration and in a matter of minutes, a series of savory treats appear in the window pass.   Some make it to the tables of our guests to enjoy as an amuse-bouche.  Some are gobbled up on sight.

“Spring Bite” – bacon, blue cheese, kumquat & basil  (photo courtesy of Iris K. Shim)

“Caesar Salad” –  Brioche crouton, endive, preserved lemon, parsley pluche, white anchovy & Caesar dressing

“Bistro Salad” – Quail egg, frisee, lardons, baby radish, sherry vinaigrette & crostini
“Ants on a Log” –  Crispy potato pirouette, nicoise olives, creme fraiche, fine herbs & red beet puree

This one is a nod to a Thomas Keller classic, ours was filled with goat cheese grits, and rib jus that was left at the end of service to become a playful treat for our staff at the end of the night
This one is a nod to a Thomas Keller classic.  Ours was a hollowed eggshell filled with goat cheese grits, rib jus, and a laminated potato chip.  A playful treat for the front crew at the end of service.




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3 responses to “Improvising

  1. Pauline

    Looks so yummy! Do you send care packages to CA?

  2. Satinder

    how would you make Crispy potato pirouette would you mind sharing the recipe

    • Ed

      Hi Satinder,

      Sorry for taking so long to respond to your question on how to make the Crispy Potato Pirouette. So here’s the quick recipe.

      1. To get the shape of the pirouette, you will have to either take a potato and carve into the desired shape that you want, or peel potato and then put it through a vegetable turner. (We were making potato chips that day for one of our soups, and used a vegetable turner to make our chips minus the string attachment, once we finished turning the potato. Were left with a center column which we used as our pirouette for that nights amuse.)

      2. Take the pirouette and deep fry until cooked through @ 325 F, this should result in a piece of potato with little color, and the potato shoulda be slightly limp.

      3. Once the potato has cooled down refry the potato @ 400 F until it is crispy (this procedure is exactly the same way you would make a frnech fry) and salt right away

      4. Garnish the potato with slivers of kalamata olives, Creme Fraiche, celery leaves and beet Puree.

      5. T make the beet puree, take roasted beets and Puree with a little water, salt generously until flavor goes from very sweet to a more balanced salty-sweet, and add a splash of sherry vinegar to add brightness to the puree.

      Hope that was helpful,

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