an exciting day at ruxbin

February 16, 2012

6am.  GQ Magazine announces their 2012 Ten Best New Restaurants in America.  Ruxbin makes the cut at #9.  We. Are. Floored.

10am.  I get a text from Jenny:  “A guy had a tripod setup taking photos of our storefront, asked who he was shooting for and he said ABC.  I was out in my pink socks and crocs too.”  And yes, he glanced at her feet and gave her a funny look.

That's hot, Jen.

12pm.  Excitement erupts in the kitchen as Nate arrives with our brand new Cotton Candy machine!  A vast upgrade from our original one (generously gifted to us by Rosy).

The Real Deal.

1pm. Jason and Ed haul up lumber to the Rooftop, work on the Garden begins. This year’s goal: triple the garden size and have a bee hive.

Planter Boxes

5pm.  Family Meal.  The crew goes festive and makes carne asada,  fiesta-style~

People ask if we eat well at the restaurant...


5:15pm. We bust out the celebratory GQ Cookies.

Chef loves cookies.

Cookie Party.


12am.  Service is over, clean down is finished. Ed sits with the staff and says a few heartfelt words as we pop a little bubbly to celebrate and wind down the night.

Thankful to our guests and staff for another great night.  May we always continue to Push.



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5 responses to “an exciting day at ruxbin

  1. Marsha

    Thrilled for all your deserved success!! Looking forward to eating at Ruxbin again–always a celebration.

  2. Nora

    The Iniguez family is so proud of you guys. Being in the restaurant business for so long, it’s nice to see newcomers with their passion and ideas put to work and seeing the finished result. Your hard work and humbleness will take you far.

  3. CONGRATS guys! To this and many more to come!

  4. Ashay

    I’m so happy for your success. I’m very proud of you Vicki. Blessings for your continued success. Enjoy it.

  5. Congrats guys! Selfishly, couldn’t they have announced it after my anniversary dinner there on Mar 10? Now the wait’s going to be impossible.

    But so worth it…

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