They say Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and flattered we were when we saw that Geekeats  “cloned” our fries.   We were very impressed with his method (score on the $2 fry cutter btw), and he even used a similar silver bowl!  Could’ve fooled us.

So I thought I’d follow suit and document our process so you and Geekeats can see how we make our fries, step by step, and perhaps try your hand at it at home:

Morning Potato Delivery arrives:

Potatoes go for a scrub and a peel:



Happily soaking (prevents oxidizing & softens potato) as they wait their turn to get cut....

Brute Strength or Methodical Finesse?

Methodical Finesse.

Cut fries soak to remove starch:

Quality Control

Starch water drained

Off to the fryer!

Fry Round 1 @ 325 degrees: Soft and cooked through

Fry Round 2: To order @ 350 degrees until GBD (Golden Brown & Delicious;)

Hot out of the fryer, the fries get tossed in a large bowl (larger surface area increases coating potential) with garlic confit, parsley, kosher salt and love. Toss well so as to get a coat of garlic confit goodness on each fry.


Kosher Salt

Garlic Confit

Don't be timid, get in there

The fries are then served with our housemade Chipotle Aioli which consists of egg yolks, oil, lemon, garlic, and chipotle peppers.


Ruxbin Garlic Fries



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5 responses to “Homefries

  1. We enjoyed a delicious dinner last Saturday, and we did not order the fries. We will be sure to order them during our next visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marsha

    That looks and sounds incredibly delicious. (And that coming from someone who can’t stand when people reply with that exact comment on other blogs.) But seriously. Just sayin’. Yum!

  3. Really great, smart post. The only problem is… this doesn’t really inspire me to make my own Ruxbin-style garlic fries — it makes me want the real deal! Too bad I’m out in LA. 🙂

  4. Dennis Cho

    비키야 완전 맛나는 프렌치후라이 만드는법 올렸네. ㅋㅋ
    저 프렌치후라이 그리워~~

  5. Eugene Kim

    I got a chance to dine at Ruxbin last night and had to say two things:

    The octopus was one of the best I’ve had, perfect tenderness, smokey flavoring, and complementing greens! The hanger steak was one of the best modernized interpretations of Kalbi, Rice and Kimchi I’ve had.

    It was a pleasure to watch the staff work while I was waiting for my table, I love the decor, atmosphere, and the food was excellent for the price. I will be back for more.

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