Some Things Never Change

It’s hard to believe it was just two years ago when we were ridden with anxiety and with brave faces prepping for our very first Friday. It was the day Red Eye decided to splash us prematurely on a two page spread in their Restaurant Features, and in an odd coincidence the day the utility pole outside our back door came crashing down on neighbor Michael’s poor garage from the 70 mph winds foreboding one of the heaviest rain storms that summer.

I don’t know how, but we managed to do 63 covers (two full turns) all whilst uncomfortably blotting rain water relentlessly leaking through our windows and spilling onto the tables of some of the nicest and most understanding diners you could ever meet.

We have grown tremendously as a restaurant since then, gaining the attention of some heavy weights in the press and food world along the way. And while 63 covers today isn’t anything to sneeze at, it certainly doesn’t induce the same kind of trepidation it did two years ago.

There is an old griddle that we inherited from the previous restaurant tenant. The kind that looks like it’s been through hell and back. We’ve been using it, along with other pots, pans, refrigerators and serving ware that came with the space. Mostly because it saved us from going out and buying new. But over time, and from the great fortune of staying busy, the old things began disappearing one by one. And in its place would appear shinier things. But for some reason, this griddle, whose very first appointment was to heat up sourdough crostini which went along with a bowl full of steaming mussels, couldn’t be rid. And even after its bottom gave out and began warping, it’s still a crucial vessel used for some of the dishes we serve today.

The other day Vicki brought in a brand new griddle pan from a recent shopping trip. But in the same absurd manner in which my dad would wear the same worn sneakers for years and years refusing a new pair until the soles flop off, the cooks would reach straight past the brand new griddle every time and take down the old one. Puzzled by this, we asked if the new pan wasn’t the right kind. “No, it just doesn’t make the same flavor as the old guy” Ed would say to us. Could be. I speculate it also brings a sense of old comfort to the rapidly growing and evolving kitchen. It keeps us grounded and reminds us where we began.

Cheers to our Two Year Anniversary!



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6 responses to “Some Things Never Change

  1. Heartfelt congratulations. We miss dining there (it’s been exactly 1 year and 9 days since–I know because it was our 25th anniversary that night). Til next time, cheers to you!

    • Wow thank you for celebrating such a great milestone with us, Marsha! And thanks for the kind words. Cheers to your 26th! We hope to see you back in for dinner soon.

  2. Takeshi Nakagawa

    I am becoming more and more impressed by smaller scale small businesses nationwide. I have 2 friends in NYC who started to do their own thing. One has an online approach to first impression introductions, and the other is making great Ice Cream! I am proud to know such a great group of people who portray their passion through and through with every dish they serve, and smile they deliver to their crowd. I give my support to you to the fullest extent! Congrats guys!

  3. Nina

    Your story is wonderful and you’ve got so many more adventures ahead of you. I’m proud of your success and applaud your incredible hard work. Cheers to you & the Ruxbin crew.

  4. Congrats on your 2 years, Ruxbin! So proud of your successes and how you’re all still so grounded. Looking forward to another meal here soon!

  5. Charlotte K

    Dear Ed, Vicki, & Jenny,
    A belated congratulations on your two year anniversary.

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