Reservations on Reservations

We just can’t compete with Da Bears.  Every fall season our Sundays get a little more quiet.  Our first thought was to get a big screen tv and re-concept ourselves as a sports bar.  Just kidding.

So after a late night binge on sports drinks and myoplex, we drafted a game plan.  Watch out Bears, Ruxbin is taking reservations…Sundays only.

This is a pilot so we’ll report back and let you know how it goes;)


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2 responses to “Reservations on Reservations

  1. We had a great time last night. Really enjoyed the fact you take rezo’s on Sunday, especially since this last Thursday the wait was too long for us to partake in dinner. I hope you enjoy the Meyer Limoncello we left, if you check out my blog you can see the recipe for Pistachio-cello I was talking about, and maybe one of these nights I’ll drop off a sample with some fennel pollen crusted pistachios. They’re positively addicting.

    • Vicki

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for joining us for dinner on your night off last Sunday. It was a pleasure having you in and we enjoyed meeting you. We’ll have to stop by Quartinos to eat and say hello! Thank you for the gift, the Meyer Limoncello is really good:)

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