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Rux Venison (1)

Venison. For the Table. Served with Ramen Risotto and Pomegranate Duck Jus.

Friends, it’s been years. Literally. The last entry was 3 years ago and we recently celebrated Ruxbin’s 5th anniversary! To bring you up to speed, we’ve grown immensely and with 5 years under our belt comes lessons learned and experience, which brings beautiful things like… change. Edward, Jen and I were discussing the best medium to share the news, in our very own words, and then it dawned on us – we need to bring back the blog! So here it is, from Chef Edward himself:

As a chef I spend a lot of time wrestling with the question of how can we do better, what challenges can we give ourselves so that we push ourselves and continue to grow.

Five years have passed since Ruxbin opened its doors and in that time we’ve been able to achieve more than we could have ever dreamed for, created amazing memories, and have been part of so many wonderful lives. It’s been a storybook ride. And through these past five years we’ve always had an a la carte menu; it’s a format that has served us well, but like a toddler with a security blanket, I feel that holding onto that same menu is now stifling our development, constricting us from growing up, and maturing. By changing our format from a la carte to one that is a hybrid of tasting and dinner party, where a minimum of five dishes is required, where guests must commune with one another from the onset, I feel we’ve created an exciting new path and goal for ourselves.

So much of a good dining experience is the communion people share when they eat with one another, and I feel that this new format will foster a greater sense of a shared experience. I feel that as a kitchen we will be given more flexibility to be more creative, and bolder in our flavors. How can we put out our best when a diner only has one entree and no appetizers, how can we create a cohesive narrative with only one or two dishes? On the a la carte menu, however small it was, I always felt that I had to have at least one option of beef, poultry, seafood, and that more than one vegetarian entree on a list of five was excessive. With this menu I no longer feel those limitations, and that I can properly fulfill one of my duties as a chef, feed people better, and at the same time indulge one of my not-so-shameful pleasures, subversively feeding people more veggies. I feel that within these five dishes our guests can walk away pleasantly filled, we won’t have to wrestle so much with the odd dynamic that the dollar value of a plate should be reflected by the quantity served, if one piece is enough, and two is too much, than one piece it is.

A classical symphony usually consists of four parts, with this new format I’m taking a little liberty and giving us five parts, and I’m excited, because I feel that with a set menu we will have room to compose our own story, it won’t show all we can do in a given night, and each party will be given some room to create their own narrative, but it will allow us a fair chance to properly showcase what we’ve got.

Come join us for dinner, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Our Sample Menu can be viewed HERE.

p.s. thanks for following us all these years. More to come 🙂


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