Ruxbin is the dream project of Ed, Jenny, and Vicki. With Ruxbin, our goal is to create food that goes back to the etymology of what a restaurant is meant to embody.

res·tau·rant \ˈres-t(ə-)ränt also -t(ə-)rənt, -tərn

Etymology: French, from present participle of restaurer to restore

This will be our first restaurant and we’re incredibly excited for the journey . We’re hoping that through this blog we’ll be able to capture our thoughts and experiences, and at the same time share our  little adventure with you.


birds on a wire


Chef Edward Kim will be making his debut in the Chicago restaurant scene at Ruxbin. Ed was born and raised in the northeast suburbs of Chicago. He attended New York University with a B.A. in political science intending to become a lawyer, but found his way into the culinary program at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles and into the kitchen of Thomas Keller. He spent several years honing his craft in places as far away as Seoul, Korea to New York and Los Angeles, working every rung of the ladder from prep-cook all the way to head chef. After all those years away from home, Ed decided the time was ripe to go back to the place he loved best (Chicago, of course) and amongst family and friends, open Ruxbin.


10 responses to “About

  1. Katja

    Hi! I live a couple doors down and can’t wait for your opening! I love following your progress and drooling over all the food talk/pictures.

    Best of luck!!

    • Thanks so much for the well wishes Katja,
      Glad you enjoyed the photos! I’m stoked about serving Ed’s dishes, they taste just as good as they look. We hope to be one of your favorite spots in the neighborhood once we open! 🙂

  2. do you guys serve mangos? i am a supplier of the best mangos money can buy. call me.

  3. That a photo from the High Line, right? Love it!

    • Vicki

      That’s right, Sharon. High Line in NYC’s meatpacking district, we decided to just hang around after stuffing our faces with Magnolia’s cupcakes.

      • Christina

        Hey girl! I was just there 2 weeks ago. Chelsea Market right next door rocks! See you soon

  4. Graham

    So, what are your hours?

  5. Mike Cee

    Bon Appetit names Ruxbin No. 5 best new restaurant in U.S.


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