851 N Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 (Between Pearson & Chestnut)

Phone# 312.624.8509


Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 5:30pm – 1opm,  Sunday  5:30pm – 9pm

*ruxbin does not take reservations*

Parking: Street meters on Ashland


6 responses to “Contact

  1. Christine Yoo

    just wanted to say, love you guys!!!!!!!!! best of luck on soft opening day ❤ can't wait to try the food =)

  2. Dan Chodrow

    my wife ‘n i live down the street. been waitin’ to see (and taste) what’s behind them shades…

  3. chrissy camba

    congratulations!!! can’t wait to eat here! i’ve read so many good things! good luck!

  4. mamamia

    We, my husband and I were at the Ruxbin last night for an early dinner before the Steppenwolf Theatre and said hello to you Vicki on the way out.

    Impressed and proud (I am a Korean-American) what you have done so far.

    Best of luck for all dreams you guys have.
    I have a feeling that those are beyond plateful of foods.

  5. John

    Ate here for first time last night and have to say it was incredible every single dish. I’m still thinking about it a day later. Best of luck and hopefully quality continues.

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